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Maintenance Services

mtc2.JPG (65583 bytes) On request CAI will help you determine the maintenance service that will meet your system and budget needs. We will review and assess your system  including type of system, habitants, filtration, water quality, temperature, and other components. Our trained technicians will assure that your aquarium is maintained to the highest standards. Your aquarium will be exquisite, crystal clear and provide a healthy environment for your inhabitants. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or as needed service plans.

CAI Maintenance Service Includes:

  • Cleaning of aquarium walls, inside and out.
  • Clean gravel, corals and decorations when necessary.
  • Maintenance of filtration system, including medium.
  • Water quality tests, adjustments and necessary additives.
  • Check and adjust temperature and air flow.
  • Water changes as necessary.
  • Inspection and treatment of inhabitants, including diet.
  • Fish food delivery.
  • 24- hour Emergency telephone and/or Pager numbers.

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