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Aquarium Systems
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Aquarium systems may either be standard or custom design.
We can help you design any system, including custom built
into the wall, or cabinetry designed by your architect, designertankplumbed.JPG (97715 bytes) or contractor. Standard aquarium tanks can be ordered either in glass or acrylic. CAI specializes in clear
*acrylic tanks, allowing you to view your inhabitants on one or  all sides. Many systems can be plumbed and filtered through the tank, concealing all of the equipment below in the cabinet or as custom built. This leaves the view of aquarium unobstructed.
Standard aquarium models range from show (rectangular), flat back hexagon to hexagon shapes, clear on all sides or with colored backs of your choice. Tanks vary in size from 40 to 400 gallons. Complete systems range from $999.99 to $12,999.99, in the Portland, OR., Vancouver, WA. and surrounding areas. Larger, special and custom  sizes available on request.

  • Standard Systems Include:

  • Tank and Cabinet with Canopy, (in a variety of wood and colors).

  • Biological, Chemical and Mechanical Filtration.

  • Magnetic Driven Motor, Florescent Lighting.

  • Heater And Air Pump.

  • Corals, Rock Decorations and Plants.

  • All Necessary Valves/Fittings etc.

  • Livestock and a 30 day adjustment period.

  • All equipment provided is from leading manufacturers to assure
    quality, ease of maintenance and long life operation.

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