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Acrylic Aquariums

       CAI prefers and specializes in the use of acrylic aquariums for the following advantages.

  • More adaptable for larger sizes and custom designs.

  • Lighter in weight and stronger than glass.

  • Thickness of body walls are designed according to size of tank and volume
    of water, providing greater impact resistance.

  • Reduced temperature fluctuations due to insulation qualities.

  • Clearer than glass, increasing visibility of inhabitants and aquarium decor.

  • Scratches can be removed using polishes. Glass scratches are permanent.

  • More adaptable for plumbing of equipment through base of tank, allowing
    equipment to be hidden in cabinet stand or as otherwise designed.

acrylicprep.JPG (48278 bytes)

cleartank.JPG (107390 bytes)

                        Acrylic tank being prepared 
                 for custom filtration and 
                 special plumbing to hide
                 all equipment from view.

Acrylic tank provides clear
viewing of inhabitants and decor.

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